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Getting Started

All we need to get started is you!

Whether your goals include Commercial training, bush flying, aerobatics or instrument work, Equinox has a variety of aircraft that will be sure to peak your interests.

For best results we recommend that you dedicate 2 hours, twice per week.

Course Description

Courses are private and tailored to the individual. They include: Commercial, Instrument, Bush Flying, Aerobatics, Complex, and High Performance

Private Pilot License Requirements

  • 16 yrs of age to Solo/ 17 years for License.

  • Read, Speak, and Understand the English language.

  • 40 hours total flight time.

  • 20 hours dual.

  • 3 Hours of Dual Cross Country.

  • 3 Hours of Night Dual/ 10 Take Offs and Landings / 100nm X-Country.

  • 3 Hours of Flight Training by Reference to Instrument.

  • 10 Hours Solo/ Including 5 Hours X-Country Solo / Including a Solo Cross Country Flight of at least 150nm total distance with full stop landings at 3 points and one segment of at least 50nm.

  • 3 Solo Operations at an Airport with an Operating Control Tower.

  • Pass FAA Written Knowledge Test.

  • Pass FAA Practical Exam.

Thrill Rides

Take a Ride With Us Today

Aerobatic Thrill Rides are experienced in a High Performance Pitts S2-B

Rides are sold per flight at $350.00

Ride Time varies but is usually 15-30 min. Groups are welcome.

Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction
Equinox Instruction

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About Us

Who’s Equinox?

Homer Woolslayer

Pilot / Instructor

Equinox Instruction is Operated by Homer Woolslayer. Homer’s flying experience includes:

  • AG

  • Piston-twin

  • Jet

  • Turbo-Prop

  • Aerobatics

Homer is Type Rated in several Jets and Holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Bush Plane, Aerobatic & Scenic Flights

Experience the outdoors. Flights are sold per hour and include low level lake, river, Grass Prairie views and grass landings. Expect to see Wildlife. Our Cub Crafters Sport Cub S-2 delivers performance and the cost is $140.00/hr for the plane and $30.00/hr for the pilot.

Aircraft Management And Operation

Equinox Instruction manages 6 airplanes including a Cessna 340A.

Ferry Services

Equinox offers ferry services for a variety aircraft.


Equinox’s day to day operations are made possible by its valuable and dedicated students and pilots. Appreciated are Jordan Raymer and Justin Mackey. Jordan Raymer has accomplished his Private License and his Instrument Rating here at Equinox. His goals includes corporate jet pilot. Justin Mackey has accomplished his goal of Private Pilot and is collecting valuable tailwheel and aerobatic flight time.